Winter Midweek Escape


Winter in the Muskokas is here! There are tons of outdoor winter activities to enjoy together and once you’re done, check back into the warmth and defrost in front of the fireplace... we've got two! ;)  We have great space for 12 of your friends or family to spread out, a huge kitchen, and large hand-carved table to make showing off that new warm recipe more pleasurable.

If you dare, you can soak up the heat from our hot tub where you can take in great views of Sparrow Lake. Or you can cozy up and watch movie marathons on our large projector screen.


If you book now, before the new year (January 1), we’ll offer 2 of our packages for free!  That's the entertainment package (worth $59 for nintendo wii and high speed internet access) and also the movie package (worth $95 for a fantastic movie experience with a big screen, projector and blu ray DVD player & DVDs).

$695+ HST for Monday - Friday